Thursday, April 2, 2009

MLB Preview 2009

The Phils are back as defending World Series Champions. It'll be difficult to repeat, but here are my predictions.

AL East:

The Sox have the strongest pitching staff and bullpen in the East. Need maintained productivity from Pedroia and Youkilis.

AL Central:

Most steady team in the Central. Always competitive and with Francisco Liriano healthy, solidifies the rotation. Their line-up is packed with speed, but driving in runs outside of Morneau is an issue. I'm tired of waiting for the Indians to come around. Look out for those Kansas City Royals

AL West:

The most boring division in the AL. Angels are the perennial favorites and with a solid bullpen and power up and down the line-up, why not? I think the A's will provide some friendly competition.

NL West:

I'm sure the Dodgers are the favorite, but they were very average last year before Manny. Without that energy Manny gave when he first showed up, things could be as dull and Joe Torre's expression during a game. In steps the D'Backs who have the best collection of young talent in the division. They need some of their Baby Backs to play to their level.

NL Central:

The Cubbies will win the division again, but with some more pressure from the St. Louis Cardinals. Keep in mind though, between Rich Harden, Ryan Dempster, Carols Zambrano, and Derek Lee this team could go down fast.

NL East:

Oh yes. Taking the division again. This time, by outright beating the Mets, not waiting for them to collapse. I'll say about the Phils, that is true of any good team, have great defense and bullpen. The Mets are weaker in the line-up, defense, starting pitching, and I'm not sold on their newly formed bullpen.

NL Wildcard:

Yeah, I guess the Mets may be around. I would love it if the Dodgers or Cards could come in and knock them off.

AL Wildcard:

The Rays will get back in. It'll be a fight, especially with the AL Central moving along. Too much bad mojo going around for the Yanks.


Josh Hamilton-Just because he's winning the Triple Crown


Chase Utley-He was due last year. He'll get it this year.

AL Cy Young:

Daisuke Matsuzaka-The World Baseball Classic gave him some juice. He could be ready to break out and dominate, not nibble by.

NL Cy Young:

Ricky Nolasco-The Marlins are going to be good. Ricky No is about to become a superstar.

NL Rookie of the Year:

Tommy Hanson-Because a random rookie pitcher always jumps to the front of the pack for this thing.

AL Rookie of the Year:

Matt Wieters-I don't actually believe this, but I wanted to mention that Wieters is being compared to Chuck Norris in the fact that he has his own little ridiculous sayings. Such as, "Matt Wieters took batting practice today. There were no survivors."

Ryan Howard HR: 51

Worst Phillie: Eric Bruntlett

World Series:

Phillies v. Twins


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