Sunday, July 12, 2009

UFC 100

I'm back!

Brought out of retirement by boredom and being fired up by hypocrites. UFC 100 just wrapped up, and the most controversial win of the night was Brock Lesnar over Frank Mir. Not because of how it ended, but due to the fact that so called "purist" couldn't handle the fact that this ex-pro wrestler destroyed a "true mix martial artist" in Mir.

Long story short, after Brock annihilated Mir, he flipped off the crowd that was booing him and gave one of the greatest post-fight interviews ever. Complete with commentary on mounting his wife.

People are lashing out against the clearly better fighter due to pride, ignorance, and frankly being pussies. MMA isn't human cockfighting, but it's not chess either. MMA is about who has the biggest swinging dick (see. Michael Lewis, "Liar's Poker") in a man v. man scenario. Brock laid down the testosterone in copious amounts.

Now people are revolting the supposedly derogatory antics of the now unanimous champion. Sorry people, but this is what you signed up for. After being booed by the vast majority of crowd, you feel as if he would have fought every single one of them to shut them up. You know what? He would have beat them all.

MMA is about artistry and technique. It's not mindless brawling, but it does take on bravado and machismo more than any sport on earth. When two heated rivals enter the ring, and one embarrasses the other...expect braggadocio. Expect vulgarity. Expect cockiness. This is what you signed up for. As much as MMA fans want the sport to go mainstream, it will, but not on anyone else's terms.

Grow up. Don't settle for political correctness, don't try to treat this sport as if it's fucking polo. For those that were turned of by Brock's post fight...go to hell. You can not like Brock, but don't act as if this is disgusting or lewd. This is what you spent your 50 bucks for.