Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sports can bring a lot of joy and teach a lot of lessons to people. I know whether I've been watching sports or playing them, I've learned something that I can safely say I would not have learned in any other facet of my life. So after a couple of weeks where Michael Phelps is hitting a 'marijuana pipe' aka A BONG, the Yankees are spending half a billion dollars during a recession year, and A-Roid coming clean about his dirty past, you can kind of lose focus on what makes sports so enjoyable.

In what is now a business filled with me-first, selfish and spoiled players, how can I enjoy something that promotes Pacman Jones's lifestyle? Why would I fork over my time and money for a bunch of millionaires on the field who could not care less whether I root for them or watch a rerun of 30 Rock?

When I was at a time of such reflection, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition came out. Instantaneously I was pulled back to all that was good about sports. My sports universe had a center again, and I think that center occurs somewhere around the trifolds of Bar Refaeli's cover. So thank you SI, and thank you Bar. Feel free to get in touch with me.

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