Monday, July 7, 2008


With the upcoming Presidential elections in November there is still a lot to be decided when a voter on the fence must choose between Barack Obama or John McCain. Thankfully, Major League Baseball has made thing easy for baseball fans by placing a clear favorite up for election in this year's All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium. Pat Burrell is a vote-in candidate for the final spot in the All-Star game. Despite his NL Outfield leading 21 HR's Burrell did not collect enough votes to garner a much deserved position. Now, Burrell hasn't always been a fan favorite in Philly and perhaps cities like Chicago blindly back their team in All-Star balloting (see. Kosuke Fukudome), but he does deserve to make his first All-Star team in his 9 year career.

In actuality, Burrell will probably be selected to the team either by the vote in or due to injuries, but I want to give him the added privilege of being voted in by the fans. It's really down to him and David Wright, and I can't allow for a Met to win. So go to the title link and give your vote. Supposedly you can vote up to 25 times, but I've been voting constantly and don't know if there is in fact a limit.

So, if you missed Bachman of (B.T.O. aka the "Taking Care of Business" "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" guy) at Cooper River this past July 4th, do your patriotic duty and vote for Pat the Bat!

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