Sunday, February 3, 2008

Courtesy Flush: Super Bowl Edition

Hours before the big game, it is only appropriate I drop some useless information. ONWARD!

A couple of posts ago I mocked some back up QB's like Todd Collins and A.J. Feely, but in actuality, back up QB's have a pretty good life for themselves. The culmination of all that being a lifelong back up came to fruition a couple of weeks ago when Cowboys Offensive Coordinator, Jason Garrett was awarded $3 million a year to be the Assistant Head Coach. That is as much as Head Coach Wade Phillips makes.

It's no secret that Garrett is being groomed as the next head coach of the Cowboys, but the fact that he is being paid like it already and that he was a bum of a back up QB behind Troy Aikman during the Cowboys Super Bowl years makes this guy the prototype for every Matt Cassell and Jim Sorgi out there. Just keep your mouth shut, learn on the job behind a world class QB like a Tom Brady or a Peyton Manning, then focus all your efforts into coaching. If Garrett works out, there will be plenty of jobs available.

A hilarious LaDanian Tomlinson action figure put out about a year ago by McFarlane toys. Rings especially true after the Chargers lost to the Pats in the AFC Championship Game.

Every year there is one phrase or word that comes out of nowhere and is just used by everyone everywhere. Previous winners include: fruition and it is what it is. So for 2008, here is the word that will dominate the landscape of written and spoken word.

Galvanize. With the upcoming Presidential election and more recently with the Patriots SpyGate scandal, galvanize has been on fire early in 2008. While it may sound as if galvanize means to push apart or separate, it is actually meant to pull together or stir action. Second place word of the year was rigmarole.

Based off my last poll question about Jessica Alba's pregnancy, it's nice to know that at least 3 girls read this thing. I know that three girls do because that is how many votes went towards the "Happy for her" option. No guy would be happy about Jessica Alba being pregnant unless he was the cause of it. That's all I gotta say.

Here are some YouTube clips that everyone should have seen by now, but are fun nonetheless:

Matt Damon and Sarah Silverman

Burger King Spoof

Prediction for the Super Bowl:
Pats 34
Giants 24

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