Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Welcome To The New Site!

Let me show you around. Starting from the top, we have the new banner with official catch phrase. It's pretty plain, but I have no idea how to successfully use the HTML stuff, and when I did try, all I got was a gigantic picture with the text running off. So we're stuck with the plain black background. I have to say, I like the catch phrase. By landfill I don't mean garbage, but all that excess build up in my that I can now write down in many different forms.

In the middle we have the place for the articles, and I like to think the colors will make it easy to read without much eye strain. I do not particularly care for how narrow the column is, but I can't do anything about that really.

To the right, there is a lot of new stuff. First, GLOCKthoughts' Thinker of the Month. Every month I'll post someone's picture with a thought about that person under it. The inaugural member is Mike Vick, which is clearly a jab at the quarterback, however I will have legit people in there as well. It all depends on what has transpired over the past month. Below that there is an archive of all the GLOCKthoughts for easy navigation. I've already added some from Myspace just to add some records to the new site. Anyway, it should be much easier to navigate through past articles and things like that. Then there is the poll questions. I figure this will change about twice a month. It'll usually be a joke that everyone can vote on. Further down, there are links to websites, videos, and news links. These are all things that I'm interested in or places I go for some info. Rounding out the column are links to a message board and my profile. The message board is for anyone to write about whatever they want. I've set up some pre-packaged topics, but feel free to do whatever you want.

At the bottom we have a Seinfeld quote, which will probably change every now and then. It always puts a smile on my face.

Overall, I think this is an upgrade from the previous site. It has a more professional feel, and it is also a better reflection of my personality while at the same time opening up the site to anyone that wants to participate or write something down. It is all anonymous so you don't have to identify yourself if you don't want to, and I would hope some people would find these options useful. While I do not think these things will be used all the time, or maybe at all, just having the options there are a good thing.

You can expect me to take a more professional approach to my writing. More pictures (Right: Like Doug),links LIKE THIS, and I may even proofread my stuff every now and then. I'm always going to be looking to improve this site, but right now I'm kind of at my skill level max when it comes to modifying the site. I look forward to improving this thing and hope you enjoy.

I'm going to kick things off tomorrow with my NFL Preview. With the first game on Thursday, I'm going to try to preview both the Saints and Colts division by then, and round off the rest of the league by Sunday. Should be fun. Peace.

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